Tokensoft & Odyssey Event FAQ

Tokensoft & Odyssey Event FAQ

1. Locked out of sale or cannot log in. Seeing error message: Error: Registration is Disabled

- If your problem is about 'Registration is disabled' on

Please be patient as the token sales event will run for 2 days, Tokensoft will process another lot of Round 1 & Round 2 whitelisted emails today.
Please try again.

2.Why did I fail KYC on Bit.Country when I passed others recently?

- Different event conducts different KYC, please refer to Q10 for KYC common failed issue.

3. Can I change my email?

- The whitelisted email addresses have already been given to Tokensoft, we are no longer able to add or amend that list.

4. I did not receive an email from Tokensoft. What now?

- Tokensoft will prioritise those who are whitelisted and KYC under review. They will send out email notification once you are all set. However, we strongly suggest that you keep check your eligibility on

5. I can't remember which wallet I used to contribute.

- I assume you have already installed the polkadot.js extension in your browser and used this to make your crowdloan contribution.

- Please go to the following URL and find Bit.Country in the list of completed crowdloans.

- If your wallet is connected then it should show 'My Contribution' in the Bit.Country line.

- You can click on 'My Contribution' to expand and show the details of your contribution. You will be able to see details of the wallet you used here.
Start your metaverse for your community.
A network for user-created metaverses and games

6. I'm whitelisted for round 2 but I qualify for round 1. What happened?

- If you are Crowdloan contributor, you got pre-whitelisted per wallet address. For example, if you contributed 1 KSM equally through 2 different wallets, each wallet address are only qualified for Round 2 for 0.5 KSM.

- If you contributed multiple times through different supported channels, you will pre-whitelisted for the first contribution.

7. Why can't I enter the sale site?

- If you recently passed KYC your email address may still be syncing to the sales site. Alternatively close tabs, refresh system and try access again.

- It may take time for your email to be registered with Tokensoft. Ensure that you are using the same email you received the invitation from because that is the email that is whitelisted. Other emails will not work.

8. KYC still under review and sale has already started. Help!

- Tokensoft has received all whitelisted email addresses, they will prioritise these for KYC. If your KYC is still pending, please know that Tokensoft will get around to you. You will still be able to participate in the sale.

9. My KYC failed is there anything the team can do?

- Unfortunately, we have no access or control over the KYC section of this event. Passing identity verification is a requirement to participate because it allows the project to stay in compliance. If you do not pass identity verification, you cannot participate, and there is nothing we can do.

10. What are common KYC issues?

- ID
- Expired ID
- ID not supported
- Image of ID not readable
- ID submitted was scanned and unable to verify  - please upload photograph of ID
- Poor selfie
- Take a selfie in a well lit room
- Please ensure ID matches contact information
- Enter complete name
- Double check date of birth entry

11. When will I receive NUUM token?

- All tokens acquired through the Metaverse Odyssey Event will be locked for 30 days after TGE. After 30 days, we will distribute all the tokens you have purchased.

- TGE is expected to happen around Q2 2022, however, we don't have an exact date as it'll depend on when Polkadot auctions are live and other factors.

12. Display of Polkadot Wallet Address

The display of Polkadot Wallet Address on Tokensoft and PolkadotJs Extension may look different, but they are actually the same wallet address.

It's just a different display format.

Polkadot: 1xxxx
Tokensoft: 5xxx
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