Pioneer (NEER) on Kusama vs Continuum (NUUM) on Polkadot

Pioneer (NEER) on Kusama vs Continuum (NUUM) on Polkadot

A lot of community members asked us whether we will launch a crowdloan on Polkadot. The short answer is yes. And it will happen in the near future when we are ready.

These two platforms will co-exist now and onward. There will be different features, economic rules, governance rules, and reward incentives. We consider Pioneer network will have all the early adopters, risk-takers, and resilient teammates.

Just like Kusama expects chaos, we imagine Pioneer will thrive in chaos.

In the foreseeable future, some of the thriving metaverses on Pioneer will be given Space-Warp Passes to Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot while making room for more pioneers on Kusama. This so-called Great Incentivized Emigration for the elected. NEER holders would be able to cast their vote through our governance structure to promote these metaverses.

Our principal is to bring opportunities and hope for communities, and together we can bootstrap a new episode on Polkadot for mass adoption.