$NEER Token Generation Event


How to buy or take part in the TGE?

To take part in the TGE, you had to be a Crowdloan contributor. The TGE will be for all the people who contributed to the Kusama Crowdloan, they will claim the tokens they got for participating in the Crowdloan, More information can be found here:

Where can I claim my tokens?
If you participated in the Kusama Crowdloan and helped us secure the Parachain slot for Bit.Country Pioneer, you will be able to claim your rewards at the following link

How to be a Crowdloan contributor?

The Kusama Crowdloan took part in November 2021. This means that at this stage it’s no longer possible to be a Crowdloan Contributor for the bit.country Pioneer Parachain. However, later this year, we will announce the beginning of the bit.country Continuum crowdloan on Polkadot, you will be able to lock your $DOT and get rewarded $NUUM for supporting us and helping us win the parachain slot. 

Where will we receive the token?

Once you claim your Crowdloan rewards, they will be sent to the same Polkadot.js account you used to contribute to the Kusama parachain. You will be able to see them in compatible wallets and on polkadot.js.org, under the Bit.Country Pioneer network. Direct link: https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fpioneer.api.onfinality.io%2Fpublic-ws#/accounts

To claim your tokens, you can do it via:


How would the vesting be? weekly? Monthly?

The vesting will be linearly starting from March 6th until the end of the Parachain Lease. (~Nov 2022). You will be able to unlock your vested tokens every new block. ~12 seconds. 

What is the procedure to buy $NEER tokens? 

To purchase the tokens, you will need to wait until the token is officially listed in a trusted exchange. The token hasn't been listed in exchanges yet and it won’t be listed on March 6th. Anyone selling it, it's just trying to scam you.

What's the vesting for the TGE? Can I claim 100% on TGE? 

When you claim your tokens, 100% of the allocation will be transferred to your wallet, but bear in mind that only 30% will be transferrable, the other 70% will be linearly vested until the end of the parachain lease. 

Will those that participated in the Crowdloan via exchange receive their TGE $NEER on March 6th too?

No. The exchanges will go through the claiming process and go ahead with distribution to their users once their own infrastructure is ready. Stay tuned for future announcements. 

Why do I see “No contribution found in this wallet address” when trying to claim?

You need to verify that the Account/Wallet you used to contribute to the crowdloan is the same that you used to connect to the website. If your Polkadot.js extension has multiple accounts, you can select/change it by clicking on the Switch Account hyperlink displayed on the website. 

I contributed to the Crowdloan via using KuCoin, where and when will I receive my tokens?

The $NEER tokens for those who contributed to the crowdloan via exchange will be distributed to your account at the exchange’s discretion. Most probably it will be close to the listing of the token in said exchange. 

Can we sell $NEER tokens on March 6th?

The transfer and staking functions will be enabled a bit later, (check the official announcement for more information).

I used a Ledger wallet, Will I be able to claim $NEER in Mar. 6th

At the moment, Ledger wallets are not compatible with the Bit.Country Pioneer blockchain, this means you won’t be able to sign the transaction to claim your tokens on March 6th. This doesn’t mean you’ve lost your allocation, the team is currently working on a solution to allow people who contributed to the crowdloan using Ledger devices to claim their tokens.

A ledger-specific claiming process will be released in approximately 3 weeks. 

What happens if I don’t claim my $NEER tokens on March 6th? 

The website to claim your tokens will be accessible until the end of the Parachain lease. This means that you can claim your tokens any time you feel it convenient for you from March 6th, till ~November, when the parachain lease finishes. 

When can I buy $NEER on X Exchange?

No official listing details have been announced yet. Stay tuned to our official social media and discord server to stay up to date. 

What will be the initial supply NEER at TGE?

A rough estimate of the circulation supply on day 1 will be 4.67M $NEER tokens (this includes the extra percentage that was allocated as a bonus to the early contributors and referral program) in addition to 5M for ecosystem programs (i.e. exchange listing) and 5M more for Marketing.

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