I run a Node for Bit.Country Tewai Testnet, how can I get pre-whitelisted?

I run a Node for Bit.Country Tewai Testnet, how can I get pre-whitelisted?

UPDATE: the prewhitelisting process is closed. All whitelisted email addresses have been given to Tokensoft, we can no longer update or amend the list.

Hi there,

We value all early contributors who supported Bit.Country Testnet since the beginning, we have pre-whitelisted more than 1510 node operators that met the requirement.
If you are a node operator, you can get pre-whitelisted for Metaverse Odyssey Event if you meet the following criteria:
  1. Your node has been running since June 2021 with high uptime, or highest uptime after 10 October for metaverse node upgrade.
  2. You completed the Node Application Form before 22 October. Submission after 22 October is not accepted in any circumstances.
Both criteria 1 & 2 must be met to qualify for Pre-whitelisting Metaverse Odyssey Event.

The pre-whitelisting process for qualified node operators have already been finalized and forwarded to Tokensoft. We can not add or modify any whitelisting.

If you fail in criteria 1 or criteria 2, you can still participate in Metaverse Odyssey Event using this link 

Common asked questions:
  1. I filled the form before 22 October got high uptime but haven't received the whitelist email.
    1. If you filled the form with the correct email address, you should have received the confirmation email, please check pre-whitelist email from that email address. Please note: changing email is not allowed for submitted applications.
    2. Check your spam folder.