How to prewhitelist for the Metaverse Odyssey Event

How to prewhitelist for the Metaverse Odyssey Event

UPDATE: the prewhitelist site is closed. All whitelisted email addresses have been given to Tokensoft, we can no longer update or amend the list.

You can prewhitelist, if you contributed to the Pioneer Crowdloan on Kusama, by heading to and completing the form on the site. This is only for crowdloan contributors. Other users who qualify for the event can expect to be emailed separately, you can see more details in the announcements shared further down the page.

For more details about the different rounds in the Metaverse Odyssey Event, and how the process works, please see this announcement: 
After you complete prewhitelisting, you will not be sent an email immediately afterwards. An email will be sent out at a later date, but before the event confirming your participation if you qualify.

If you haven't already completed KYC, now would be the time to register and start KYC for your account. Please see this announce for details on the Tokensoft KYC process: 
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