How to contact support for KYC issue

How to contact support for KYC issue

If your KYC was failed, yet you passed KYC for another event in the past.

Please email with your email and state what sales you have passed KYC with.

Tokensoft will do their best to get through it.

Tips: clear subject, good use of space and paragraph, friendly manner and right English and grammar. It is also another human being read your email.

Here is an example of an email for your reference,

Re: KYC failed for Bit.Country Sale

Dear amazing officer at Tokensoft

Thanks for your hard work, I understand the heavy load that you and team need to go through in this season.

I am writing this email regarding my KYC,  .....

Would you please kindly consider to take a look into this. I am really passionate about metaverse.  And don't want to miss the opportunity that I have waited for xxxx.

Yours, sincerely,
Your Name


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