Troubleshoot wallet connection to

How to participate in the Odyssey Campaign if I have issues connecting my wallet to


  • You need to verify your ownership of the wallet address and provide a new Polkadot wallet address through system.remarkWithEvent on Polkadot.

  • Make sure first that the new wallet address provided has no issues and that you can connect it to without any issues.

  • Send us the extrinsic hash on and submit a support ticket with that extrinsic hash.

1.- The extrinsic must be sent from the Polkadot Wallet address you set as a Receive Address for $NUUM.

2.- This change only affects your participation in the Odyssey True Pioneers. The $NUUM tokens will still be sent to the original wallet. 
Please follow the instructions below.
  • Open, select Polkadot Network. 

  • Select your old wallet address

  • Select extrinsic type is system -> remarkWithEvent

  • Enter the following message remark: I am having issues connecting this wallet address to, please replace my eligibility with the following "Your new Polkadot wallet address here", so I can participate in the Odyssey True Pioneers Campaign. Note: Make sure that the new wallet address has no issues being connected to

  • Submit the Transaction

After the transaction is confirmed

  • Go to

  • Search your wallet address, you will find your recent remark extrinsic.

  • Copy the extrinsic hash and submit a support ticket by sending an email to, please include the Wallet address you are having issues with, the Extrinsic Hash and the new wallet address you want to perform the claim with

After you send the details above, the team will review if everything is correct and we will let you know via email once the changes have been performed, so you can participate in the campaign with the new Wallet address. 

As the team is currently focused on the release of all the features we have on the pipeline, bear in mind that this process may take a few days from our side, depending on the availability of team members to perform changes.

Thanks for your understanding.