How to access the "🚀│meta-founders" private discord channel to have direct contact with the team?

How to access the "🚀│meta-founders" private discord channel to have direct contact with the team?

Congratulations on securing land to kickstart and launch your own metaverse!! You are now a true Metaverse Pioneer πŸš€.

The purpose of the "πŸš€β”‚meta-founders" private discord channel is to support and help you accomplish most of the goals you have for your metaverse, hear your suggestions, see if you experience any issues, fix and improve as soon as possible and in case there are any features you may be looking for, we will consider them and depending on the bandwidth the team has, we may add it to our roadmap so you can accomplish all the goals you have for your Metaverse Project. 

As we need to be 100% sure that you are the owner of the wallet and the metaverse project, we will need you to sign a message on chain, so we can identify you and add you to this private circle. 

Please follow the instructions bellow.
  1. Open, and select Pioneer network.
    (Or access directly through the following link:
  2. Select the Wallet address owning the Metaverse Project.
  3. Select extrinsic type system -> remarkWithEvent
  4. Enter the following message remark: I'm the owner of "MetaverseName", my Discord username is "DiscordUsername".

  1. Go to
  2. Search your wallet address, and you will find your recent remark extrinsic.
  3. Copy the extrinsic hash and send it to chriscrypto#4505 or Ressie#9480 via discord, and they will add you to the private group.

Congratulations once again on becoming a Metaverse Pioneer! We are looking forward to seeing what you build in your Metaverse and give you tips so you accomplish your goals!! 
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